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Wooden Back Scratcher

Price $0.95 (ea)

For That Hard To Reach Spot. This Wooden Back Scratcher is the perfect gift for children of all ages. Keep this back scratcher nearby just in case you have an itch that's impossible to scratch! Approximately 16¼″ long. Tied string at the end for easy hanging. Made of wood. Stock up on classic toys…

Pink Ribbon Telescopic Back Scratcher

Price $5.50 (ea)

…This Pink Ribbon Telescopic Back Scratcher is a perfect give-a-way during your next breast cancer awareness event. Your courageous ladies will love this breast cancer awareness back scratcher to reach those hard to reach spots. Carry this telescopic back scratcher in your purse or tote bag for…

Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher

Price $4.95 (ea)

…Telescopic Back Scratchers to those hard to buy for men in their lives! Stock these back scratchers in your school Christmas gift store for affordable holiday presents your students will love! Bear claw scratcher is approximately 8″ in length when retracted for easy storage. Extendable scratcher