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Mardi Gras Dice Beads

Price $1.70 (pkg12)

…all-in-one This Mardi Gras bead is an attractive addition to any party and priced to keep your check book as happy as your guests. A dozen bead necklaces per package. 32" from clasp to clasp with 7.5mm dice. Assorted Mardi Gras colors of green, gold and purple. Made of bright, shiny, and durable…

Mardi Gras Flat Beads

Price $2.95 (pkg12)

…Mardi Gras inspired bead pack is the perfect item for adding fun to your gathering while staying within your budget. 12 beads in each package. Necklace is approximately 33″ from end to end. Party bead colors include purple, green, and gold. Made of hard plastic. Mardi Gras costume accessories are…

Princess Jewel Necklace

Price $1.59 (ea)

…is perfect for any girl birthday or anytime party theme. Assorted styles. 15 1/2" long from clasp to clasp. 1" jewel pendant attached to necklace. Necklace is on elastic stretch band. One size fits most. Have the perfect princess party with all the best princess party favors and give-a-ways.…

Neon Bead Necklaces

Price $2.59 (pkg12)

It's Time to Get Retro. Make your outfit just a bit hipper with Neon Bead Necklaces. These brightly colored beads are perfect for Mardi Gras events, boating fun, dance competitions, 80's parties, bachelorette parties, or any day you want to add funk to your outfit! 12 neon throw beads per package.…

Neon Mustache Necklace

Price $0.99 (ea)

…Make your look extra trendy with Neon Mustache Necklaces. Wear these bright mustache necklaces during men's health awareness fundraisers and mustache parties to turn up the fun factor on your event! 1 individually wrapped mustache necklace per package. 28″ of chain with a 3″ extender. Mustache…

Bachelorette Shot Glass Necklaces

Price $7.95 (pkg6)

Shower the Bride to Be With Laughter and Fun. Get wild during your special night with Bachelorette Shot Glass Necklaces! Your favorite ladies will love using these wearable shots during any bachelorette party. Create fun and fabulous memories with your best gal pals during all of your pre-wedding…

Mardi Gras Fish Beads

Price $15.99 (pkg48)

…addition to any party and priced to keep your check book as happy as your guests. 48 necklaces per package. 32" from clasp to clasp with 4mm beads, and 1" long and 1/2" wide fish beads. Assorted color necklaces are made of bright, shiny, and durable plastic. At these prices, you can still afford…

Pirate Skull Bead Necklaces

Price $7.95 (pkg12)

…and toys like the pirate skull beads. Pirate party favors like these are sure to make any guest feel like they've found the pirates loot. 12 necklaces per package. 31" from clasp to clasp. Assorted styles. Made of durable plastic. Treat the young buccaneers to perfect pirate party favors. Pirate…

Flashing Snowman Necklace

Price $1.95 (ea)

Winter Wonderland. Have an even merrier holiday season with the Flashing Snowman Necklace. Children will light up when they see this flashing frozen accessory! Snowman necklaces are perfect for Christmas party favors, stocking stuffers, and classroom holiday parties. On/off button located on the…

Musical Instrument Bead Necklaces

Price $1.95 (pkg3)

…Own Beat. Musical Instrument Bead Necklaces are the perfect party favors for your upcoming music party. These musical Mardi Gras beads are a great way for you to show your love for music during festivals, parades, and concerts! 3 musical bead necklaces per package. Novelty beads are approximately…

Nautical Beads

Price $13.29 (pkg12)

…Nautical Beads. These boating beads work perfectly for luaus, Hawaiian themed gatherings, beach days, and Mardi Gras events! 12 nautical bead necklaces per package. Assorted sailboat, anchor, steering wheels, and star novelty beads. Made of plastic. Be sure your sea life party is one to remember…

Flashing Guitar Necklace

Price $1.29 (ea)

…Guitar Necklace! You will be the light of the party with eye-catching guitar jewelry. Turn on this flashy guitar after the sun goes down for a fun and safe night! One necklace per package. Press the front of the guitar for on/off function. Bright flashing lights when on. Multi colored necklace is…

Fish Clip Key Chain

Price $7.99 (pkg12)

…Assorted colors. Having a church party? We have all the religious favors and toys you need to make your church party a hit. Give your guests all the hottest religious toys perfect for vacation Bible school, baptisms and first communion celebrations, like WWJD keychains, cross necklaces, frog favors.

Patriotic Star Bead Necklaces

Price $2.95 (pkg12)

…with starred and striped favors like these. They make perfect patriotic party favors as well as festive Fourth of July giveaways. A dozen bead necklaces per package. 32" from clasp to clasp. Assorted colors. Made of plastic. Fill your goody bags with American pride, with patriotic party favors like…

100 Piece Bead Necklace Assortment

Price $14.95 (pkg100)

Value and Fun All-In-One. This 100 Piece Bead Necklace Assortment is a wild way to get any party started and priced to keep your wallet as happy as your guests. With such a large assortment of novelty throw beads, you will be sure to please every guest at your Mardi Gras event, New Year's Eve…

Casino Beads

Price $1.95 (pkg3)

…accessory! Three novelty beads per pack. Approximately 33" from clasp to clasp. Dice separate an array of hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds on the necklace. Throw beads come in silver, red and black. Made of hard, shiny, plastic. We don't force you to buy full cases of Mardi Gras beads; we just…